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Jim McCabe

Jim McCabe is the Executive Vice President of Identity Theft Services at Vero. He has over 30 years of leadership experience and oversees all areas of the organization’s identity theft solutions division, including product, sales and implementation. His current role has been driven by his passion of protecting businesses and individuals from the devastating effects of breaches, identity theft and other fraud events.


Since 2011, Jim has been introducing a full suite of identity theft and data breach solutions to credit unions and other financial institutions throughout the United States.  With his in-depth knowledge of the product and cybersecurity landscape, Jim has been able to successfully expand the offering to other industries including automotive, education, data destruction and more.   

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Jim has been a consistent presenter and speaker for a wide-range of conferences and chapter meetings.  In 2016 he introduced a unique service solution to address Elder Financial Abuse and it remains the only one of its kind for credit unions.  


Jim has authored many articles addressing identity theft and data breach issues for publications in multiple industries and has established a blog with monthly articles that are published on LinkedIn and on Vero’s websites.  

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