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Mark Pribish

Mark Pribish is the Practice Leader, Identity Theft & Data Breach Solutions at Vero. He is recognized throughout the ID theft, insurance, and data breach risk management business sectors as a leader in developing innovative ID Theft programs for businesses and consumers to support affinity marketing and data breach risk management objectives for businesses and organizations.

With over 30 years of experience in the ID theft, insurance and data breach risk management business sectors, Mark is one of the leading ID theft risk management experts in the United States. He is the author of the longest running cyber security/ID theft monthly newsletter column in the United States, and he has helped thousands of businesses and millions of consumers prepare for and respond to ID theft and data breach events by by writing and speaking to a wide range of industry groups and business executives. 

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In-the-know corporate executives and small business owners embrace Mark because he's got their backs covered by delivering critical information that will save their business name, reputation, revenue and profits in the event of a data breach.  Mark will educate and motivate his audience into a heightened awareness on cybersecurity, data breach, identity theft, and personal privacy.

ID Theft and Data Breach Risk management presentations include:


  • The Future of Data Breach Risk Management – Response & Recovery

  • Small Business ID Theft and Fraud – An Emerging Risk Management Issue 

  • Is Your Digital Identity Safe – The Reality of Identity Theft and Data Breaches

  • Cybersecurity Outside of IT – The Time is Right for a Cybersecurity Career 

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